Wow...exactly how much time do you have? There are so many ways this discussion could lead, but let me throw out one large topic. If you're in school now and pursuing your MLIS, concentrate your studies in as many courses as you can possibly fit in that give you some real grounding in technology. This is from a public library perspective - but I would think that academic libraries are moving in the same direction. Libraries have some strong and formidable competitors these days - besides the bookstores with their cozy coffee nooks, we've got Google, MySpace, you name it. Staff with technological know-how and creativity help libraries stay relevant.

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I agree wholeheartedly! Librarians these days are counted on to know webmastering skills, how to oversee computer labs, graphic design... While you're in school take advantage of it. Learn not only your basic library skills, but know that the field is changing. Learn what a MARC record looks like, but also know HTML and Perl/CGI are. You are in the right place...Library 2.0 is wicked hot. Go to as many conferences as you can. Join ALA and other groups you are interested in. Grok...and read.
my 2 cents.
To add on to the above, technicial skills are important but so are interpersonal skills, particularly customer service, good judgment, and leadership abilities. The first thing recruiters notice when a potential applicants begins to talk, is how well the person communicates which includes his/her attitude. I look for people who are positive and are not afraid of change (a.k.a. flexible). A huge part of becoming a Librarian, or any other position working in libraries, is interacting with customers and that includes internal and external customers. If someone is not good at that, and I have had applicants tell me that they did not have good customer services skills, then he/she should seek employment elsewhere. Customers are the reason we exist!!!!



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