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I thought I'd get this group started by asking:

What open source software is being used in your libraries, and would recommend it to the rest of us?

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Summa looks interesting! Thanks for the news, now I have one more project to follow.
Hello here. Nice to see this group exists in this community. The Rijksmuseum Research Library has build its webopac with OSS, for more info look here We have just begun the selection of a new ILS to back this up. Open source library software is explicitly included in our selection. By the end of this year we should know much more about which direction were are going to take.
Well, I'm not on the same plane as those who have posted here before. We're in the process of being switched from a Microsoft web server to LAMP and I'm wondering what open source software might be useful to us. Our catalog is on a different system, so no need there. Again, I'm just wondering what might be out there in Open Source for us to explore.
In Argentina most libraries use CDS/ISIS thats a free (but not open) database software from Unesco. At the National University of Cordoba we use OpenIsis+Perl to put our CDS/ISIS databases on the Web (that's my job).

There is a pilot project using Koha in several libraries and probably that will be our choice in the next future.
E-learning with Moodle in the Library School is something old, we use it for three or four years.

More to come: hopefully Linux on Library desktops (Ubunto looks promising, but Tuquito too). And privately I'm working on a popular libray online network. There we will use a CMS, OpenIsis (of course!), TemaTres (collaborative thesaurus software) and some tagging soft like scuttle or Is there any hacker out there who can give us a hand?
At Copenhagen Business School Library we're running the Open Journal System from Simon Fraser University, Canada. We're using it to host several journals of which some just use it as an e-archive for subscribers; others use it for e-publishing alongside their paper version. This fall one of the journals is scheduled to use the system to manage the entire editorial process including the review and copyediting etc.

Our platform is here: and there is more info on OJS here:
The Tarver Library ( is using LAMP for it's webserver & associated scripts - we are also using pmwiki on the site. Multiple instances of ezproxy run on a linux server - the scripts handling the authentication process run on the webserver.

I've just installed joomla on a development machine & will probably take a look at drupal as well.

On the side, I've downloaded koha & am tinkering with that - the libraries at Mercer are all using III (Innovative Interfaces) & are not likely to change - inertia more than anything.
We use mediawiki for our reference desk / admin wiki... this helps us keep up with changes in library & school policy, note dept's closing times, services, etc. Plus is excellent as ready ref 'index' of resources.

We are using several OSS in our Library..............

1. Drupal for library website and content management    please visit @

2. Koha for Library Automation     please visit @

3.Dspace for Institutional Repository     please visit @

4. Greenstone Digital Library for managing digital Library     please visit @

5. Vufind for Discovery      please visit @


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