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Is anyone using koha?
The IT guys where I work (a university) are reluctant to get into it. They seem to be afraid that the job of getting an open source ILS going would just keep expanding and in the end cost as much as vendor software. We have an open source webmail that they set up, but since then they've had cutbacks on staff. I was wondering if anyone has any experience about librarians and IT staff working together to get an open source ILS up and running? We'd have to convert all our data, because none of it is MARC!

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Dear Georgia Katsarou

Well, KOHA ILS is being run in your library. Would you let me know about Reporting in KOHA. Is it easily manageable to make print out of a required report in KOHA or not? I've attended a workshop on KOHA ILS at Islamabad, Pakistan. The software is really wonderful but to me the most difficult this was generating a report of our own choice.
yes we are using KOHA . please visit our library site
Does it support other scripts other than just English? I am in the process of exploring the library management software for my library. Your suggestion and advice will be very much appreciated.
i m doing post graduate diploma in library automation and trying to install koha on my pc but unable to do it.can i get some help

Hi Sarbjit,


I strongly recommend you join the Koha Mailling list and post your specific questions there.  People in the Koha community are very helpful but you do have to be specific about what your questions are.

To join the mailing list, go here:

And you may want to check the Koha documentation to get started.  It's here:

What type of problem u face in installing the software?

Hi there
Yes, I am using Koha. I think it is one of the best Open Source for Libraries. However, it's better runnig on Linux (Debian, Redhat, Ubuntu) than Windows OS.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience about librarians and IT staff working together to get an open source ILS up and running

I work at a very small independent school (less than 500 students, K-12) that uses Koha as our ILS (  I am the only library staff member.  We have one IT staff member as well.  Before I started working at the school, he and some dedicated parent volunteers migrated our catalog to Koha.  Once I came on as the library media specialist, the basics were in place, but it didn't look very pretty, so I've been working since then to improve the OPAC's accuracy and functionality.  We have never paid anything for support.  We make frequent use of IRC communication that has always had software folks who are able and willing to provide dedicated and personalized guidance through our troubleshooting.  It has been completely free, but has taken a good bit of time and work.  It is not a low-maintenance task.  Recently, I've been taking advantage of free support tips made available by Bywater Solutions ( which has been tremendously helpful.

It does require library and IT staff working closely together.  Coincidentally, our IT person/director of technology is also my spouse, so fortunately we don't have a problem collaborating!

Yes, we are using Koha from 2010 and always try to use the latest version/release candidate. Please visit our koha OPAC @


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