Here we can post and share any valuable sources that we have or find that is relating with library and third world/developing countries.

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One Msc dissertation by R J Willcox wtih title The Internet and its role in supporting literacy in developing countries through free and open communications. This dissertation investigate the role of the internet in supporting the development literacy in developing countries.
World Libraries is a library journal that is dedicated to librarians and libraries in regions without associations or agencies to encourage scholarly communication and professional development. This journal first published in 1990 with the title Third World Libraries, and change its title as World Libraries in 1996. This journal is published by Dominican University Graduate School of Library and Information Science.
Here is one discussion in the uncategorized discussion, with the title Developing Countries, that discuss about applying Web 2.0 in the Developing Countries. There is some obstacles identified, such as lack of internet access, and language barriers. Thanks to Fedja, because from her page we can track to this discussion.



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