We've been taking a course in synchronous training, and are gearing up for final exams. I am left with afeeling that what I have gained are a set of worst practices. After six weeks, I am still pondering how best we can integrate synchronous offerings to our already packed shcedule of on-ground, onine (asynchronous), and webcast events and still pull people in.

Thoughts, experiences out there?

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Just a thought: Perhaps you could sell the events as more interactive than your existing Asynchronous events. I have had several staff members tell me they prefer a 'Live' event because they feel so much more involved in the training, it's not quite so passive. Let them know the benefits of Synchronous training, like having a live instructor, help and contact among the students. Hope this helps!
Good point. The interactivity aspect should hold some appeal. I'm still pretty leery about the tech support issues.
Forgive my my ignorence, bur could you please explain me what synchronous trainind is.
In online training, there is asynchronous, where there is an instructor, but people proceed at their own pace through the material; and then there is synchronous, in which an instructor leads students in an online course in real time - like in a regular classroom.
I'd like to hear more about what you thought were the "worst practices." I am aware that if the technology is not working well for you, it petty much rains on the experience.

However, I've generally gotten a lot of benefit from synchronous online sessions. I think it's a reasonable alternative to meeting f2f. I get to hear the voices, complete with inflection and attitude, of the other participants. I get to interact in a variety of ways. As someone who has always been shy about raising my hand to speak up in a physical classroom, I like the freedom to chat away or to draw on the whiteboard in the online classroom.

Compared with self-paced tutorial learning, the synchronous classroom can be spontaneuous and more reflective of the individuals questions and learning needs. Of course, much depends on the quality of the instructor's delivery, but isn't that true in the traditional class? I've had some seriously flawed f2f learning experiences.



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