Greetings everyone,

My library is just getting started with Library 2.0, and I'm excited to be the trainer. I've taught many workshops and training sessions in the past, including some for information literacy. I'm working to integrate Helene Blowers Learning 2.0. So - in addition to Helene's wonderful program, what are some of your favorite training practices and/or tools?

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I mentioned some beginning and advanced places to check out in my Keeping Current with Training 2.0 post earlier in this discussion area.

If you haven't seen Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki, check it out.

There are so many sources online now, it would be easier to refer you to sources if you ask about specific topic areas or pose specific questions.
Thanks - I'll check all of these out. I'm in the seek-out-all-information stage.
Hi Shelley,
A few months ago i started a "Library 2.0 In 15 Minutes A Day" wiki, inspired by Helene Blowers work, the original Stephan Abrams article "43 Things You Or I Might Want To Do This Year", and the work of other libraries trying out programs. Starting a program from scratch isn't easy and it is time consuming, so i think a lot of libraries are inclined to go with the "cut and paste" approach. My idea for the wiki was to have a lot of different tutorials available for libraries to "cut and paste" from. Check it out, and let me know what you think!
I'm a youtube junkie, so I created a playlist for Learning Library 2.0 but I haven't sent the link out to my staff yet, I'm still considering it. Staff members receive a training credit if they view all the videos in the playlist, create a youtube account and then add 5 library or Web 2.0 related videos to thier favorites and send me a link to their youtube channel. Anyone think this will work or have suggestions for other videos?
Has anyone used Edu2.0? "Free web-based education site with comprehensive features for teachers, students and parents. Anyone can teach and/or learn using the system, whether it's at school, at home, or on the move."

I am winding down an online summer course on our Electronic Databases, with a week or two on the "social web." The staff has been very receptive to this type of learning and it has been an excellent experience for me. I am using a wiki for internal communication within the Reference Department and a blog for the course. I did a small "23 things" sample during the winter and that was just as successful!



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