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One approach I have taken to maximising the impact of my blog is to invite contributions by a 'guest blogger'. Earlier this year I invited Roddy MacLeod to write a guest blog post, which went live on 1 April 2007. This provided Roddy with an opportunity to give his thoughts on on a topic of interest to him which overlaps with the topics covered in my job. It also provided Roddy with an opportunity to reach out to new audiences - and also helped to boost theTechnorati ranking for his blog.

SInce then I have had a guest blog post at the start of every month, with one from Sheila Webber being published on 1 May 2007. At the start of June I had a series of guest blog posts from plenary speakers at UKOLN's annual IWMW event. This helped to provide information about the event to a wider audience and to gvie them an idea of the detailed content to be addressed in a number of the plenary talks. Following further guest posts in July and August at the start of September I intend to publish another series, from workshop facilitators at the IWMW 2007 evenm.

I am pleased with the success of the guest blog posts - it provides variety to the blog and has been successful in attracting traffic.

Anyone else tried this approach?

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