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So to measure the success of a blog, clearly it's useful to have an idea of who's reading, where they're coming from, etc. Wordpress has got a blog stats feature built in, but I keep coming across Google Analytics in a number of places lately - anyone used this to measure who's reading their work, or could suggest anything better?

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I use Google Analytics (GA) for a Wordpress-driven website (in the context I use it, 'blog' is almost too narrow a descriptor) I maintain for a charity group. My library (rather by local authority) also switched to GA last year for its website; I am the web administrator for the library section of the council website. I have to say, GA is very, very good. The detail is phenomenal, and it is free; of course interpreting web statistics is a fine science in itself, and different stats packages are often not directly comparable, at least the stats they return are not. GA is good also for the reason it is javascript-based, so search bots are excluded and don't skew the stats. I also have awstats for the wordress site, but I find I don't refer to them much, anecdotally maybe. The robots really play hell with its stats I feel.

(Looking forward to your master class on the Sunday!)
Hello Ed,
Glad to hear you're coming along to the Masterclass! Thanks also for your thoughts on Google Analytics.. I was speaking to colleagues in Bristol last week and they brought up the same issue of search bots causing difficulties with statistics collection. It sounds like you've got quite a bit of experience on this topic, I for one will be looking forward to hearing about what works and what doesn't in more detail on Sunday 7th..
See you then,


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