Hey Debbie,

I'm a 2011 SLIS alum who worked as an Elluminate trainer one semester and would like to volunteer. I'm available in the evenings of the 3rd - 5th and am hoping to be able to attend a few of the sessions that apply to my current position at Chico State. How different is Collaborate from Elluminate? When do you expect to have a tentative conference schedule available for moderator sign ups?



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Irene--so glad to see you here and sorry that I somehow missed your note when you posted it.

I hope you'll still be able to sign up to assist a session or two. Sign up here:

Collaborate is similar to Elluminate in basic layout. Some important differences:

1) Collaborate's Talk button is at the upper left.
2) The record button is at the upper right.
3) Load Content (at upper right) is the magic button for uploading slides.

Your Elluminate experience will serve you (and those you assist) very well!

Training session recordings are available here: http://www.library20.com/page/library-2-012-training



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