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Help Me Find Some Techy Fun For The Kids

I’m currently involved in helping organise a library festival for our Children’s library services and I’m trying to find an engaging and fun interactive online service that will help us promote the festival to children (a broad age range from primary school up to mid-teens) and their parents.

At the moment we’re open to ideas, but initial thoughts are it could:

  • Be online and available to anyone with an internet connection
  • Be able to automatically pull in feeds…

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Reblogged: Curation Platform Comparison tables – SocialCompare

This is a really useful list of online content curation services (60 approx). For each service it lists:

  • Resources that can be curated. eg Twitter content, Facebook, RSS feeds, blogs.
  • Whether the curation methods are automated or…

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Publishers and Public Libraries Digital Skills Sharing Event #digiskills

The Reading Agency and Publishers Association held an event recently at Canada Water Library (UK) focusing on their Digital Skills Sharing initiative (funded by Arts Council England) which had been running for 10 months. The initiative consisted of six teams of publishers & public library services working together in an attempt to develop libraries digital marketing and communications channels with their readers. Further background details can be found …


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Imagining The Future - Creative use of RFID

[NB: I originally wrote this as a guest post on the "RFID - Changing Libraries For Good?" blog]

At CILIP’s 2012 RFID in Libraries Conference I spoke about creative uses of RFID, focusing on the world outside the library sector, but linking back to possible opportunities for development within libraries. The following post is a write-up of my presentation. To give…


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Education And Games = Unfun Games

I attended an event organised by Digital Surrey last night. The speaker was one of the original programmers behind the game M.U.D., Richard Bartle. His focus this evening was trying to predict what virtual massively multiplayer online (M.M.O.) game worlds might be like in 2022. He gave us various scenarios, some positive and others negative and it was all very interesting seeing how things might turn out,…


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Using for productivity and getting people into the library

I've written a few blog posts on my own website about possible uses of Ifttt allows you to set up a trigger from one web application (eg A Google News search for “libraries”), so that it triggers an action in another web application any time this happens (eg Creates a blog post from any newspaper articles it finds and links to the full news article). Each trigger/action you set up is called a task.


The blog posts I've…


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New Improved Lets You Manage Your Papers

Since setting up a newspaper earlier this year for Voices For The Library, I’ve been experimenting with it some more.
In case you don’t know, creates an online newspaper, bringing together links pulled out of tweets or Facebook accounts, based upon searches you set up.
It acts as an…

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Library Mashings custom search

In the UK we have held a series of events called 'Mashed Libraries'. This covers the area of data mashups in a library service/information professional context. I thought it would be useful to put together a custom search for anyone

interested in Library Mashups. I put it together to avoid having to

trawl through various sites and blogs that covered library mashup

tutorials and ideas. It covers sites such as the Mashed Libraries ning and wiki,

Code4Libraries site, this… Continue

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Thoughts about RDA

I've written a couple of short posts about RDA (Resource Description & Access) on my blog, which some of you may be interested in. If you're not a cataloguer you may not be aware that RDA is the replacement for AACR2 - acknowledging that digital resources need guidelines for…


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Using Trailmeme

I've just finished a series of posts on my blog about using Trailmeme. As the website puts it "A trail is a (partially) sequenced collection of digital objects, such as webpages. A trail can be a straight sequence of pages or contain

branches..." Unlike traditional bookmarking, you can link sites together using trails, therefore creating a route along related online materials.… Continue

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Knobbling the Winter Olympic Catalogue Results

On my personal blog I recently wrote a blog post about fudging catalogue records, so that I could link easily from Twitter to a subset of catalogue records. This was in an attempt to direct followers of our Library Service Twitter account to library stock related to the Winter Olympics. In summary, this involved coming up…


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Ideas from Innovations in Reference Management event

I've just added a blog post about the use of Virtual Learning Environments, recommender/reference management services and open learning tools in Public Libraries over at my blog. These ideas came from attending the "Innovations in Reference Management" event. It may be of interest to some of you on this site.

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Library Routes Project

The Library Routes Project wiki was set up last year to find out how librarians got into their present job.

Quote: "The idea is to document either or both of your library roots - how you got into the profession in the first place, and what made you decide to do so - and your library routes - the career path which has taken you to wherever you are today. As well as being interesting of itself, it will also provide much needed information and context for those just entering the… Continue

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Meaning in Twitter Hashtags

I find hashtags on Twitter useful ways of pulling all the information about a particular discussion together. However, sometimes I see a hashtag that is attached to an interesting tweet, but I haven't got a clue what the background of the hashtag is. If I've not been involved in the thread/discussion/conversation from the beginning it can be difficult to back-track to where it was first used. Sometimes keywords are used as hashtags, which can give you a clue (but not always), but in some cases… Continue

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Automated classification and cataloguing

A few years ago we (my bib team) looked at our cataloguing and classification processes and tried to work out how we could improve the processes and cut down on the human input side of things. I was one of 2 main cataloguing staff working for a large public library service and I knew that it didn't make sense to have every single record we received from our suppliers updated by hand, so that it fitted in with our local needs. We still needed to keep some local information, but we were sure that… Continue

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Twitter Snooker filter

Wouldn't it be good if you could follow someone on Twitter and only receive their Tweets that were relevant to the reason you started following them? For example, Imagine you started following someone because they were an expert on Web2.0 stock management. Imagine that they were also obsessed with Steve Davis (snooker player). In this fantasy world you also happen to dislike snooker so much that a mention of the yellow slipping in the pocket after being nudged gently by the blue makes you fall… Continue

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Augmented Reality for Books & Films

Here's an idea for Augmented Reality. Why not integrate a map of book and film locations into Augmented Reality handheld devices? So, if you're walking through central London, you can call up the film 'American Werewolf in London', it would direct you to the location of scenes, then once you got there it would pinpoint the exact spot/angle a scene was filmed at and replay the scene, overlaying the film on top of the real time image over your device. Live the film! Or how about going to Woking… Continue

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Twitter experiment

I recently tried an experiment with Twitter. I thought I'd get together an RSS feed of Tweets that mention the words 'love' and 'library' and Retweet them. I just wanted to see all the positive comments that people make about libraries and spread the word to my Twitter world (all 37 of my followers, over 1/2 of which are spammers... I don't mind. It makes me look more popular than I really am.) So I ran a Twitter search, found the RSS feed for it, put it into '… Continue

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Personal mobile web site convertor

As a user of the mobile web on a smart phone I've come across various useful sites to view other sites that don't have an official mobile version, such as skweezer, Mowser, Baresite and Finch. The way it generally works is that you go to one of the websites above, enter the url of the… Continue

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Collective noun: A disagreement of Lib2.0 definitions

In my search to define Library2.0 I've come across so many different definitions that relate in parts, but not completely. One librarian says Library2.0 is X and another will say it's Y. A third will say, "No. It's a bit of X and bit of Y and some Z too." Why can't we agree on what Library2.0 is? Web2.0 definitions generally agree, even if they do use different words. If Library2.0 is an extension/adaptation of Web2.0, why has Library2.0 mutated into something more? It's like the idea that if… Continue

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