Think I'll stay/my social app threshold

I meant to post this a couple days after joining the Library2.0Ning, but now I see it's almost two weeks later. Such is life

Just wanted to say that I'm finding this a felicitous space and, just like Jessica The Cool Librarian, I'll keep coming back "just for all the library-goodness."

Having said that, I think I'll continue visiting MySpace and using that whenever I'm compelled to post or link to anything. Despite all its drawbacks, it's the best fit for me, given my schedules, inclinations and interests.

Regarding the insane number of social apps and how many one can participate in before imploding, I'm sure the number varies widely between individuals, depending upon their psychology, obligations and aspirations. For myself, I think it would be two.

For instance, I finally checked into Twitter yesterday. It was fun checking out what some of my fav biblioblogosphere folks have been doing (it's not stalking if they put their daily details there right?). But I think it would be too much for this head.

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