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Over Romantic Thoughts of Days Gone By?

Hmmm...just feel that this is a bit over romanticized about children and libraries from days gone by. Especially, as a child, I don't know that I used the library for scholarly 'research' but as a place to get as many books as I wanted whenever I could...And yes, I buy more books now - and yes, many children do too...but not everyone is from a middle class or higher income bracket -

Libraries are to serve everyone in the community - and if they come to use the computer or rent DVDs - that's the reality of the situation and one needs to adapt with flexibilty to the circumstances.

I think libraries and databases are a GREAT match. Computers are just another tool...and if a library is useful for a engaging in 'civil society' - that's something else that a library fills a need for.

It was always better yesterday - but tomorrow can have the potential to be the best.

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