During Recent years user generated content on the Internet has had an explosive growth. The Internet has become a decentralised network of user's creating and uploading personal blogs, photos, podcasts and videos. We will refer to these items as a user's Personal Internet Assets (PIAs)

As the production and consumpition of PIAs has become an integral part of web activity the need/want for a user to share his PIAs with other users has become evident. In many cases, user's are willing to pay money to expose their PIAs to large audiences, giving arise to a new phenomenen called Consumer-2-Consumer advertising, also known as people marketing. Thus , these trends has given birth to the need of proper C2C- Advertising channels on the Internet.

So where do we come in the picture?

Hypesphere is an Internet-based social ranking network focused on ranking people. Every user on Hypesphere can link their PIAs to a personal profile page. The user is voted on by the community and get's a HypeRank.

End user's can then use Hypesphere to find interesting bloggers, podcasters, videomakers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and journalists etc that are creating the most "hype" in different sphere's of interest.

Sign up for alpha now at Hypesphere

Please feel free to tell your friends about us.. Thank You

Hypesphere Team

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Comment by Gail Lancaster on July 18, 2007 at 7:41pm
Sound interesting, I'm not sure what ranking people based on their internet presence has to do with consumer-2-consumer marketing it's all about selling products. What am I missing?
Comment by Rizal Karim on May 12, 2007 at 10:44am
You clearly understand our concept and this is exactly what we want to do. More then just voting we are gonna have forums and tagging for each person aswell.. :) hope you signed up for the service
Comment by RefLibrarian on May 12, 2007 at 10:34am
I believe that personal reputation on the internet will become very important. People will want to know who to trust. I am not sure how well the voting aspect will help. However, since social tagging of items and services seems to be working despite some misuse of the tagging systems, this service may also be successful.

I do think that having a place to showcase one's blogs and other information content is a good idea. People will then have quick access to an individual's content and be able to judge their work.
Comment by Rizal Karim on April 18, 2007 at 2:18pm
Hey thank you very much for your posts.. I appreciate the criticism. And to open up a debate. On the other hand , Just to let everyone know we are releasing a alpha . Meaning that we want you the user to experience the service and give us feedback on whats good or not. We want to solve problems. Not create them. So in terms in badmouthing something you havent tried is very negative. Why be negativ about something you dont know about. I can see the concern of other sites like myspace etc. Im aware of that. I can promise you that HYPESPHERE wont be anything like myspace. hehe...

thanks again bob...


Comment by Bob Kosovsky on April 18, 2007 at 2:08pm
On the one hand, I can understand why people are suspicious of this kind of rating system. I feel that way myself.

On the other hand, that's what user-generated content is about. I'm on at least on one "personals" website where everyone is allowed to rate profiles. The homepage lists profiles by user ratings, by length of time online, by latest update, etc. Users have the choice of opping-out of the ratings system (they won't be rated and can't rate others).

There is always going to be the danger of groups deliverately manipulating the ratings of particular sites (deliberately voting too high or too low, and gathering groups to accomplish mass voting and therefore mass inflation or deflation of site ratings).

Perhaps if the user-generated system was supplemented by another system, based on how often people came to a website and spent time there (which can be subject to manipulation, as well).

There are inherent dangers, but I suppose someone needs to try this.

Why not post this on the general forum?

In any case, welcome, Rizal.
Comment by Linda Absher on April 17, 2007 at 5:41pm
This bothers me too. It looks like the myspace/B-2-B combo from hell, not to mention the poor grammar involved.

--The LL


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