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Wouldn't it be great to have this site be an actual community of Government Document librarians, etc., who can intelligently and actively engage in a balanced conversation about what is happening with Government Documents: the transition to digital conversion; the conservation of print materials which are important primary sources in our history; the promotion of these sources to the public, etc. And what I have found to be particularly astounding is the ignorance of managenment to take full advantage of the value and richness of what this collection has to offer, both to the public and to the academic community. I imagine the value of some Government Documents collections is obvious by the depository libraries which hold them in high esteem. However, I think there may be some depositories which do not value these collections as they should. The new websites of the government are contemporary and seductive in complementing government information with new technology. This is exciting and transformative in the new open source environment of today. However, because there is a sterotype of government document collections being boring and not worrhy of time and effort, I think it is imperative that we, as government document professionals, define and promote the importance of what these materials, both print and digital, mean to the history and definition of this society. Please continue the conversation!

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