Just-in-time learning success story hot off the airwaves ...

I ran up against the need to convert a pdf file to a Word document. I wasn't even sure it was possible, especially since I don't have Adobe Acrobat software. I remembered reading about an online file conversion site when I was grazing the fertile fields of Learning 2.1 earlier this week.

It's called Zamzar.
It's super easy to use --four steps.
It's FREE.
...and it worked within minutes!

Less than ten minutes after entering the information on the Zamzar site, the converted file arrived in my inbox. Okay, the conversion isn't perfect --the bullet points and the table fills lost a little in the translation, but for the most part, the formatting was retained. It totally works for what I need.

Why not put a link to Zamzar on your library website? In the favorites on your public computers? Sharing is so 2.0.

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