Good post from Josh Catone of the Read/WriteWeb on Keeping Tabs on Web 2.0:
  • eConsultant: Web 2.0 Directory - It appears not to have been updated in nearly a year, and is (hopefully) the only inclusion on this list that's not up-to-date. But because eConsultant's massive list is categorized so well, it is still very helpful.
  • NEOBinaries - These guys keep a large, categorized list of web 2.0 sites on hand, updated Monday - Friday.
  • BuzzShout - BuzzShout is similar to NEOBinaries -- a big list of web 2.0 companies that you can rate and review. Nicely categorized.
  • Go2Web2.0 - A really great flash-based list organized by tags, and a displayed using a dizzying array of logos. Clicking on a logo brings up a concise overview of that company or application.
  • All Things Web 2.0 - This is where Christian Mayaud's Sacred Cow Dung list ended up. It's mostly up-to-date and obsessively categorized.
  • Web2.0List - Categorized by tags, Web2.0List is just what it sounds like.
  • Web2.0Logo - A sister site to Web2.0List, but this time with an emphasis on logos.
  • Dexly - Dexly tracks over 3,000 web 2.0 companies in 53 categories, including blogs that write about web 2.0 (like this one).
  • SimpleSpark - SimpleSpark lists web applications and is adding apps at a frenetic pace. They launched in May and earlier this month crossed the 3,000 applications mark.
  • FeedMyApp - The new kid on the block, FeedMyApp launched just this month but already lists 299 apps in 36 categories.
  • HappyCodr - HappyCodr is a list of Ruby on Rails-powered web sites. It's not strictly about web 2.0, but given web 2.0's infatuation with Rails you'll find a lot of neat web apps and social sites on the list (mixed in with the occasional content site backed by a Rails-based CMS).
  • Startup Search - Startup Search takes a different approach than the other lists in this round up, focusing on the people and funding behind web 2.0 companies rather than on the products.
  • Museum of Modern Betas - MoMB is a great daily blog by Saurier Duval about all things beta.
  • eHub - Emily Chang's eHub is another must read daily blog covering new web 2.0 sites.
  • Everything 2.0 - Bob Stumpel's link blog is yet another great daily look at new web 2.0 companies.
  • TechCrunch Company Index - Speaking of great blogs, our friends over at TechCrunch review a lot of web 2.0 companies. Luckily for us, they tag each one and arrange all the tags into a helpful company index.
  • Listio's Everything Web 2.0 Directory - Listio's directory lets anyone submit new web 2.0 sites and then vote on them digg-style. Browsable by tags.
  • KillerStartups - Another digg-style community directory of web 2.0, organized by categories.
  • Progammable Web's Mashup Directory - While this isn't a general web 2.0 directory, many things we call mashups fall under the 2.0 umbrella, so this is a great resource for web 2.0 watchers nonetheless.
  • Webware's Top 100 - The recently completed Top 100 competition from CNet's Webware blog isn't the most comprehensive list, nor the most scientific way to find the top web apps, but even so, it's a list of 100 apps that any web 2.0 fan will want to be aware of.
  • SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards - The 2007 edition of SEOmoz's awards lists over 200 web 2.0 sites in 41 categories.

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Comment by Tim Dries on May 27, 2009 at 9:43am
The Seomoz site is probably one of the most visited on my PC! It has some good posts on there, especially the Web2.0 list...some great sites listed there. The Web2.0 logo site I don't agree with though. It seems as though some of the logo's are deemed "web2.0" just because they have the word "beta" next to them!

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