Another quick Annual-related post; there will probably be three from me in total.

This one is in regards to The Hollywood Librarian, and specifically, the article in the Washington Post about it.

At the FOLUSA "The Laugh's on Us!" program that I sort of attended (I had to leave about a half an hour into it, because the shuttle claimed that it couldn't pick me up any later and still get me to Dulles in time for my plane, although that was flatly wrong), I happened to be sitting at a table with Darby O'Brien and Mary Lou Caskey, who were quoted in the article.

Quite happily, they held up the article, read the part that they were quoted in, and then delivered the kicker:

The article's author had reversed their quotes. Mary Lou had actually spoken about how public libraries were the last place that anyone can go.

An understandable mistake, perhaps, except that Darby's statement, as appearing in the article and attributed to Mary Lou, was to exclaim "Darby!" when Darby started talking about the PATRIOT Act. Except, naturally, since Mary Lou was the one actually talking about the PATRIOT Act, Darby had actually said "Mary Lou!"

So, to clarify, instead of Mary Lou saying "Darby!", Darby actually said "Mary Lou!"

Regardless of whether or not any correction is made, I suspect the Post is curiously indifferent about this error. Darby and Mary Lou, incidentally, accepted it with wonderful good humor.

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