The password is... "scrotum."

That's one of the unexpected points that Annual drove home.

With the controversy over The Higher Power of Lucky earlier this year, "scrotum" now means a bit more than "A little sack of the man or the animal which has in it the sperm to make a baby." It's also a code word, an entry word, a powerful piece of shorthand, a word to show librarians "I know what's up in you're world, I know what you're going through, I'm on your side, I'm your friend."

This epiphany, if you can call it that, hit me after Julie Andrews' speech, in which she said (to great applause) "I would far prefer my children and grandchildren learn the meaning of the word 'scrotum' from a library."

[Did Governess Maria just say "scrotum?!" Egad!]

I'm amused, with the potential to become concerned, over this state of affairs. If the word "scrotum" is allowed to become a dinner bell for librarians to salivate at, the level of discourse drops to Congressional levels.

I don't think it's at that point, and I suspect the "scrotum" motif will soon run its course. And this is not intended to knock Andrews, who was delightful, or any other speaker who has dropped the S-bomb--it's certainly, even several months out, a legitimate issue to talk about. My note is merely cautionary: Listen to the speaker's entire context, not just the one word.

Hmmm... that sounds familiar somehow.

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