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The End of Summer Programming - is it wrong to be so relieved?

Gearing up for summer programming is always stressful and I wondered if I'd ever make it through. (We were reopening the library after almost two years of renovation and expansion and I must confess I felt a bit low on the creativity reserve.) Finishing up on my last class in graduate school, I must confess that I procrastinated a bit on the preparation for my programs, but in the end all turned out well thanks to the help and support of Paul and Nancy. Pulling all nighter's during grad school trained me for my all night prep sessions for this summer.

Anyhoo - it's all over and I can't believe it! I just did my first lock in for teens and no one died, vomitted (although I almost went too far into sugar overload after the midnight ice cream social), or conceived. (Is it wrong to be so proud?) Actually, my kids were really cool and we sang and danced and gamed all night! (Oh me of little faith! I have to admit I was a little scared.)

And now that I head into regular programming mode, I feel guilty to be so glad to have made it through. After all, this is what I've chosen, to be constantly on the go and constantly reaching out with programs. But, still WHOOOO HOOOO! I made it! Maybe it's just a recovering Catholic thing....

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