I started my first internship here at Syracuse University's Bird Library on campus September 2007. My title is Information Literacy Intern in the Instructional Services Department. I am teaching library and research instruction primarily to freshmen. It has been very exciting so far. I am extremely interested in pursuing instruction as a career. I have a background in corporate training and the urge to teach/instruct has stayed with me over the years.

For the Spring Semester (January 2008), I am actively seeking an internship in Digital Libraries (digitization) in order to complete the requirements for my Certificate of Advanced Studies in Digital Libraries. This is the other area of my studies I have a huge interest in. Especially after completing the first two Digital Libraries requirements at SU with Dr. Joanne Silverstein (Spring '07) and Mary Elings and Gunter Waibel (Summer '07).

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Comment by Israel Yanez on November 6, 2007 at 1:38pm
Hello, from a fellow mid-life returning student! (that sounds SO much better than "older returning student")

I am envious of your aptitude for instruction. That is one of my interests, too, but my public speaking anxiety just won't allow for it just yet. :)

I'm a first semester student at San Jose State University and plan to specialize in Information Organization and Description (I'm currently a paraprofessional cataloger). But I'm hoping to include a class on instructional design somewhere along the way.


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