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Bratislava is a capital of Slovakia. In the city are many historical monuments. I was at Bratislava in 16th of December 2005. I tell you a tail about Bratislava’s eagle.

The capitol of Slovakia had in 13th century big problem, Tatars. People at Bratislava were unhappy. Tatars destroyed country and their army were near Bratislava. Tatars had brutal and sadistic theory about destroy the town. Army of Tatars attacked town only while in the town was not food. They wanted to famish people of Bratislava.

People were unlucky and wanted to saturate hungry children. Tatars thought that their plan had a success but in Bratislava was one boy. Boy who lived near Danube. His heart was brave.

He was fishing and saturates all the people in the town. Tatars saw him. While he was fishing they wanted to kill him. He saw their but he didn’t lost brave heart. “What are you doing?” Asked their.

We want to your death.” Reply of Tatars soldiers.

Tatars fighters were near to brave boy. Their faces were smiles but brave boy saw the eagle. Eagle which fought to Tatars waved wings. Tatars army fell asleep at Danube. Eagle helped a people of Bratislava and they promised that didn’t kill a lot of eagle of Bratislava.

Have a nice day.

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