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Do you like newspaper? I think that newspaper is an important invention for mankind. We read new articles about all. By my opinion each newspaper has many interesting information. The greatest newspaper in USA is The New York Times. What is history of The New York Times?

History of the most newspaper in USA is rich and began 18th September 1851. Newspaper had name New York Daily Times. Father of The New York Times was Henry Jarvis Raymond (1820-1869).

Biography of Henry Jarvis Raymond

He was born in Livingston Country. He graduated at the University of Vermont in 1840. He worked as a member at the New York State Assembly in 1850. He helped of Horace Greely, he worked like an assistant. They wrote in several newspapers. In 1851 Henry founded The New York Times. He worked like a politic and journalist. He was a member of New York State Assembly. We knew that he was a speaker of New York State Assembly. He was a member of the Whig party’s Northern anti-slavery wing. He retired from political and journals live in 1867 and died in New York City in 1869.

1896 The names of New York Times were different. For example The times, The Chattanooga Times. In 1896 was existed a slogan All the news That’s fit To Print.

1904 The address of redaction was at 42 Street. The name of the newspaper was Times Square. (Spring 2007 had address at 620 avenues)

1909 This year was important for newspaper. It was begin work Air delivery to Philadelphia.

1919 Air delivery had new journey. A plane flew to London.

1942 Newspaper produced first crossword.

1946 In this year was founded Fashion section.

I wrote a short history about The New York Times. Before year 1856 newspaper won 95 Pulitzer prizes.

Have a nice day.

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