This Chronicle Blog post about this New Yorker article (now this a lesson in linking or reference counting or something) refers to the value of the physical library. I am a pretty big pusher of library 2.0, but I sort of thought that we had settled that the physical library was pretty valuable. Our library is jam packed. Our library events are well attended. In fact, we have a library event tomorrow. It's a lecture on Malcolm X that is part of our One Book, One College Program. I will be recording this event and putting it on our Web site and in iTunes as a podcast.

The question that is at the end of the Chronicle Blog post is, What role do today’s bricks-and-mortar libraries play in turning a mosaic of data into something more meaningful? I guess that this doesn't necessarily imply that that library space is not valuable, but it is more directed at the ways that the physical library will help organize the online world.

As with our library events that move from physical library to online library, I do not think that the virtual and the physical are mutually exclusive. Connecting, community, learning space, all require both worlds to overlap and coexist.

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