I like my country. I am from Slovakia and history of my country is beautiful. I love tails about devils, fairies, knights and about eagle. The symbol of Slovakia is an eagle. Why eagle? Don’t you know? I know.

Bratislava has beautiful tails and I tell you a tail about eagle of Danube. Inhabitants at Bratislava were clever and stupid. They had a many artisans.1The best artisans in river (Danube) were fishermen.

One fisherman was clever. He was not only a fisherman. He knew cure but nobody knew about it. Once day the eagle flew near to a fisherman’s house. The wife of fisherman was unlucky and she was a fear of eagle.

Eagle flew and caught a fisherman. Fisherman’s wife wept2 and she didn’t understand about eagle. Eagle wasn’t a cruel. He had an appeal3 and said to a fisherman “Listen to me, my friend. I am a king of Danube. I need help from you, please help me.”

Fisherman didn’t know what was happening. The wife of Danube’s king was injury. Fisherman knew cure. He cured broken a claw. Eagle’s wife was happy and the king of Danube promised something like a reward.

The king of Danube said to a fisherman “You saved my wife. I am your debtor.4 . My reward will be twice .Tell me fisherman a son of Presburg. Do you want to reward for you or for heirs?” Fisherman want to a reward for his heirs.

Once upon a time was hunger at Bratislava. In Danube wasn’t any fish. Fisherman with family was hungry. They thought that die but fisherman’s wife saw an eagle. King of Danube got a big fish from Danube to fisherman’s family. That was first promise.

The people who lived near at Danube didn’t need a help from eagle. If Slovakian people will needing a help, eagle came and fulfil promise. This is a symbol of Slovakia - eagle, king of Danube. I hope that he will not fulfil promise.

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