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Information Behavior of the Reasearcher of the Future

There is a new report out called, Information Behavior of the Researcher of the Future. This has gotten some good coverage on the Chronicle Blog and in a few other spots. These key findings are right on target:
  • the information literacy of young people, has not improved with the widening access to technology: in fact, their apparent facility with computers disguises some worrying problems
  • internet research shows that the speed of young people’s web searching means that little time is spent in evaluating information, either for relevance, accuracy or authority
  • young people have a poor understanding of their information needs and thus find it difficult to develop effective search strategies
  • as a result, they exhibit a strong preference for expressing themselves in natural language rather than analysing which key words might be more effective
  • faced with a long list of search hits, young people find it difficult to assess the relevance of the materials presented and often print off pages with no more than a perfunctory glance at them
  • young people have unsophisticated mental maps of what the internet is, often failing to appreciate that it is a collection of networked resources from different providers
  • as a result, the search engine, be that Yahoo or Google, becomes the primary brand that they associate with the internet
  • many young people do not find library-sponsored resources intuitive and therefore prefer to use Google or Yahoo instead: these offer a familiar, if simplistic solution, for their study needs

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Comment by Tom Gerichhausen on February 18, 2008 at 11:50am
I've read it a few weeks ago. Very interesting... Think it's for good use outside the UK too.. Maybe we can learn something from it here in the Netherlands...

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