Libraries as Learning Centers - Internet2, Web 2.0, and 21st Century Education

I am working with public school librarians in Indiana next month, and I am gathering information and resources to share with them. Thus, I am posting here hoping that many of you who are actively engaged in innovative programs in your libraries could share your thoughts and ideas with me so that I can share them in my workshop.

The focus questions I'd love to hear from you about are:

1. Are you utilizing Internet 2 in your libraries? If so, in what ways are you using this more powerful network? Are you conducting Internet 2 videoconferences in your library? If so, what types of videoconferences are you hosting?

2. What Web 2.0 technologies are you using in the public libraries? Yes, here we are on Ning, so that is one already! What others are you finding of benefit to A) you and your staff, and B) the community members who use your library?

3. With the many changes in the way people can easily access information through the Internet today as compared to years past, what are public libraries doing to support their communities? What activities or programs are being conducted to entice the public to be active members of your library?

4. With the 21st century learning skills students need to develop to be successful, lifelong learners in a global workplace, how are libraries adapting or changing their programs?

I know these are vague in many ways, huge questions with lots of answers, etc. But, I invite you to comment on the ones that entice you to respond. Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom, experience, and expertise!

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