Anyone who's interested in Blog Talk Radio - I've started a show over there. My address is I thought Books and Blogs would be a nice simple name for people to remember.

I try to provide listeners with a bit of something they wouldn't ordinarily know about the authors and bloggers I'm interviewing. So far I've done 4 shows and plan to continue on Sundays at either 4pm or 9pm, depending on life intrustions.

Not only at the above site, but also on my daily blogspot,, you can find a player with my episodes so far.

I invite you to come over and listen.
Morgan Mandel

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Comment by Roxann on March 24, 2009 at 7:37am
Blog Talk Radio is one of the most under utilized tools we have availble to us who work in libraries.
It is talk radio forum where anyone can design your own radio talk show on any topic.
I also have produced one show last year about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I did receive a personal email form Yoko Ono and she has posted our library responses on her web site. This site now has commercials for generating revenue but you can purchase shows without commercials for a cost.
So far,I have only seen a handful of library staff use this resource. I also want to produce more of these short radio talk shows. It can be a new solution to attract patrons to visit library resources they might not know about. I highly recommend this!
Thanks for sharing and I will visit your show too!


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