Using RSS feeds to distribute library news - 6 ways

Okay, I'm a big fan of RSS feeds, many of the posts here involve manipulating or consuming RSS feeds in some form, and social media is essentially tied to RSS. "Aggregating
sources for academic research in a web 2.0 world"
is probably my
most popular post on how to consume RSS feeds from various sources. "Bayesian
filtering of RSS feeds - can you automatically find interesting journal
" considers how bayesian filtering can filter out all the
noise to find entries that are relevant.

But that is all from the point of a consumer on how to bring together to use existing RSS feeds. Recently I've being wondering how to go about generating
RSS feeds

In particular, I have being thinking of how libraries can provide news events (opening hours, library talks tutorials, service outrages, changes in policy) as RSS
The benefits of providing news in RSS feeds is obvious
basically increased portability as well as ability to filter/merge
structured data etc.

Once you have generated a news feed using RSS feeds, the sky's the limit. At the very least you probably want to create some sort of RSS display widget and put it on
your library homepage. You could push it into Facebook fan pages,
Twitter accounts etc. If you use conduit toolbars as library toolbar,
you could stick it in there, and so on (See post here
by Guus can den Brekel for
more ideas) .

Essentially your library news can now appear and be auto-updated in many locations.

For complete post see here

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