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At 5:54pm on July 7, 2007, Julie Sayles said…
Kevin, I would like to ask you a favor! I just created a survey for L. 2.0 members and want to ask if you would mind taking the survey today or tomorrow so I could get some pretest results. I need to turn in the assignment tomorrow, so am just a little desperate! Please help, and thanks. Also, if you could send me any comments after you take the test, that would be very valuable! Here is the message I just put on the forum board:

July 7, 2007

Hello Fellow Library 2.0 Members:

I am an LIS student at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I am currently taking a class in Research Methods. For my research proposal, I thought it would be interesting to conduct a survey of Library 2.0 members to find out what groups you have joined, where you are from, and other demographic and interest related questions. Please know that all information collected is confidential. As of today, there are 1923 members (which I am sure will change soon!) in Library 2.0.; I am inviting everyone to participate. After all the data is collected and compiled, I will share the results if everyone is interested. If at least two people would complete the survey today, I would be very grateful as I need to get pretest results before tomorrow when I turn this exercise in! Thank you for your time and interest; I am excited about finding out the outcome of the survey!

Here is the link to the survey from SurveyMonkey: July 7, 2007

I would appreciate it if you would send me any comments about how I could improve the survey. Thanks!
At 1:27pm on July 7, 2007, Jillian1969 said…
what's wetware??
I really appreciate the time and energy you have invested in this site. I feel like this forum is the next "networking!" I am so jazzed about reading all of the nooks and crannies of this site. It might take a while!!

Rock on!
At 7:18pm on July 6, 2007, Julie Sayles said…
I'm so glad to hear that Kevin! Maybe there's hope for my getting a job in the system when I graduate. That is my dream: to be around creative, interesting people. I'm not sure how Hillsborough County is with the concept. Is Pasco County part of the Florida Retirement System? Do you know if the jobs are now frozen. I'm graduating in December and would like to stay in the area, especially since costs of housing are so horrific around the country!
At 12:23pm on July 4, 2007, Bob Kosovsky said…
Heya Kevin,

Thanks for setting up some really interesting and important groups (man, creativity is almost never mentioned in my library).

About the non-interest in post-1940 pop music - just the sound of swing and later I don't like.

Will be nice to see what develops. Thanks!
At 12:04am on June 28, 2007, Em Johnson said…
Being a Brunswickian in Melbourne, Australia, is indeed a lifestyle, a state of mind, a religion, AND a political statement all in one :). If you're ever in this part of the world I would be delighted to give you a tour...
Em J.
At 10:06am on June 27, 2007, Melissa Shepherd said…
That is a pretty good assessment, yes the Book Artist has been sublimated to the pressures of IT management and other scary grown-up stuff. Thanks for the link, and the push to elicit creativity from us all.
At 11:44pm on June 26, 2007, Gail Lancaster said…
Hi Kevin,
Yes, I love Altan too. Thanks for starting this group, we need a place to play with the monkey.
At 10:37pm on June 26, 2007, Em Johnson said…
Hello Kevin, and everybody else :)
I've joined Library 2.0 relatively recently and have mostly 'lurked' since.
I need to learn how to turn my ability to talk about library creativity and innovation... into writing about it!
Em J.
At 11:09am on June 26, 2007, Joanna Aegard said…
Hi Kevin...
Actaully the "CA" in my profile stands for Canada, not California. It's a nasty default...I blame Ning! So, of course we are all for playing hockey any time's just not feasable to play the flute wearing hockey gloves.
p.s. my maiden name is you have Welsh roots?
At 6:15pm on June 25, 2007, Julie Sayles said…
Hi Kevin, How do they like working for Hillsborough County Libraries? And how do you like working for Pasco County? Thanks for creating the Creative Librarians' Site!
At 1:26pm on June 25, 2007, Paul Stonebridge said…
Battle of the Bands, eh? You should have posted a photo with some of the glowstick bling going on.
At 10:36pm on June 22, 2007, Jae said…
Thanks Kevin, I'm just getting started here - still getting the hang of it & haven't had a lot of time to play, but it looks like fun. Will get pics and all that stuff up at some point :)
At 9:17am on June 21, 2007, Terri Romberger said…
The picture is from the Grand Opening at the Land O Lakes Library, children's room. Thanks for suggesting this site. I am really happy with the interaction.
At 7:32pm on June 19, 2007, Julie Sayles said…
Oh, I forgot to ask do you like working for the Hillsborough County Library System? I know they just recently froze all county jobs because of the Property Tax fiasco.
At 7:31pm on June 19, 2007, Julie Sayles said…
Kevin...thanks for starting the Creative Group! Great Idea! When I get a chance, now and then, I'll try to add to the conversation! My focus right now is on the last five weeks of my research class! But! Since I'm trying to gear my research proposal to Library 2.0 and collaborative learning, etc., I will be checking this site a lot. Unfortunately, it is so new that not much research has been done. Guess I have to get it going!
At 4:41pm on June 19, 2007, James E Weaver said…
Kevin -

In addition to Summer Reading Club for the kids, WCLS has also started Adult Summer Reading.

"So your cat's a tuxedo, is it? My cat is also black and white, but around here we call call them Holsteins. Y'all." My neighbor likes cows and cats - I will tell her about black and white cats in Florida.

"She's my first cat, and she's almost two years old. Please tell me that she's going to grow out of the squirrely stage she's been in for the past two years. They do mellow out, right?" They do tend to mellow out on their own schedules - males sooner than females.

"Oreo looks pretty calm. He's got that inscrutable zen look about him." He indeed is the inscrutable one; his housemate, Sylvester, is the airhead. They both are a joy for us.
At 10:03am on June 13, 2007, Julie Sayles said…
Hi Kevin, I have a B.A. In Fine Arts and an M.A. in Art Education. I taught myself Photoshop and started to experiment with my own photographs, etc. I've also been doing displays at USF, so have had the opportunity to learn as I go. We're lucky that we have a plotter printer and can print images 36" to up to 150'. I'm hoping to eventually find a job in which I can use this knowledge!
At 8:09am on June 7, 2007, RefLibrarian said…
Yes, I really enjoyed Temple Grandin's book. I think that she had some excellent insights about horse behavior. I plan to read her next book when I get a chance ("Thinking in Pictures ...").
At 7:52pm on June 5, 2007, RefLibrarian said…
Welcome to Library 2.0! I work in the Hillsborough County Public Library System.
At 10:33am on June 5, 2007, Gail McGovern said…
Yes, Kevin, I really am a wizard and you are now under my spell!

FYI, I lived in Montesano and Hoquiam from 1968-1973. My last job there was as
the Hoquiam City Librarian.

I've been a full time independent library consultant based in Sacramento since 1996.

I worked on a strategic planning process for the Mid-Columbia Library District in 2001 and stayed at the Best Western Kennewick Inn several times!


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