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At 8:34am on March 3, 2008, Kevin Griffith said…
Welcome to the PCLS, Isabelle! We're thrilled that you've joined us.
At 12:54am on February 1, 2008, Dennis McMullen said…
I played with my buddies Kindle today. Liked it a lot, pretty straight forward, intuitive for me, probably not for a greatest gen. The keyboard is small and would probably be difficult to navigate with arthritic hands. I distinctly remember teaching a senior to use a mouse once. She had very bad arthritis. Her index finger knuckle was pointing at the left click button but her finger was bent all the way over to the middle of her hand. When she clicked she was right clicking.
At 1:57pm on January 30, 2008, Dennis McMullen said…
Hi Isabelle. I enjoy reading seniorfriendlylibraries and found your atricle on Teleread about ebook readers possibly being the next LT format intriguing. My question from a very practical perspective is, will seniors be able to deal with the technology? I teach computer classes to seniors and I spend a lot of time at the reference desk (plus my own parents are in their 80's). So many issues, vision, arthritis, plus the difficulty of the technology. I look forward to reading more of the Teleread blog. I just got started.
At 10:03am on December 4, 2007, Kathryn Greenhill said…
Hi Isabelle. Big Thank You for the heads up about the Edublog nomination. I'm really excited about it and hope that I can get to the awards ceremony in Second Life at Jokaydia on 8 December.
At 11:55am on November 30, 2007, Ann Bell said…
I appreciate your passion for services to seniors. Too often it is an overlooked field in librarianship. Because of my interest in the area, I have published a series of eight novels that were republished in two volumes as "Montana" and "Montana Skies" by Barbour Press. Thorndike Press republished them in large print format. The last four are available on their website as:

Compassionate Love: The Legacy of Faith and Love Continues Bell‚ Ann 9780786292455
Love Remembered: The Legacy of Faith and Love Continues Bell‚ Ann 9780786295258
Love Abounds: The Legacy of Faith and Love Continues Bell‚ Ann 9780786297740

Healing Love: The Legacy of Faith and Love Continues Bell‚ Ann 9780786291366

Thanks for adding me on your list.
At 2:56pm on November 25, 2007, Karen Ganske said…
I enjoyed my first look at your blog. We have never had services for seniors, other than sending collections to retirement homes and large print books. This year we had a booth at our local senior faire and made up a flyer about library services for the event. Seniors certainly make up a good part of our avid readers and loyal supporters. I'll be following your blog as we plan for expended services in a new building!
At 12:11pm on November 25, 2007, Florence Paisey said…
Hi there,
I'm not sure if we've met in classes at FSU. I finished my MLS there a few years ago and will complete the Ed.S. in information science this Dec.

While I don't recall meeting, I am an animal person -- if I had my career to do over again, I'd probably study animal behavior -- I see you with a horse in your photo. Some of my most pleasant memories are of riding. I don't ride in S. FL as the weather is so warm -- I don't feel good about running a horse in heated conditions. My experience in riding was mostly in England where is is perpetually cool, so cantoring across fields was a delight -- both the horse and I loved it.

I'm now a musuem archivist or will be after the degree is awarded and I finish some research.

It's good to meet you.

Kind regards,
Florence Paisey
At 9:03am on November 15, 2007, Lisa Kreutter said…
Thanks for adding me.
At 2:51pm on November 11, 2007, Luis Interiano said…
Hi Isabelle,

Thanks for the add. I'm halfway through the program at the LSU School of Library & Information Science, Baton Rouge, La., focusing on Public Librarianship. LIS is a second career for me after jobs in several fields, none of which were related to my English Lit. undergrad degree.

I see you are also here from another field, biology. And that you're also a public librarian & interested in integrating technology into librarianship. Good. Glad to meet you.
At 12:11pm on November 6, 2007, Kristie said…
Hey Isabelle,

Thanks for the add! I'm glad to make your acquaintance.
At 8:27pm on October 27, 2007, Fancy Ellerman said…
Hello Isabelle!

The information you are providing is wonderful--thanks for taking the time. I'm still going through your pages, so...back to reading!
At 11:17am on October 20, 2007, Brian Litster said…
Hi Isabelle, I am a student at the University of Denver in the MLIS Program, just wanted to say hello, Brian Litster
At 11:29pm on October 8, 2007, jo smith said…
Hi Isabelle, thanks for contacting me. I am a Librarian in a medium sized Library in Palmerston North New Zealand
We are considering embarking on a Web 2.0 training programme for all staff. We have an IT team here in who would be responsible for producing the programe. I have been very impressed with the PLCMC learning 23 things and I would like our library to take up the challenge. We have a number of problems to overcome before we can begin. The major one begin Webmarshall blocking access to a number of sites listed on Learning 23 things and our local council who provide our IT support not understanding why we need to access such sites. This has lead us to develope another learning programme.

I am also going to look at the Seniors blog as we have just appointed a seniors Librarian and are still looking at ways to develope the service.

here is our website you might like to take a look
At 11:36pm on September 29, 2007, Linda said…
Hi Isabelle! I love your horse. Years back I had a wonderful horse an appaloosa-thoroughbred. He was a handful! I will take the time to read about your senior programs. Happy Trails!
At 6:49pm on September 17, 2007, Randi Northrop said…
Hi Isabelle,
Thank you for inviting me! We have alot in common. A love of books and animals. I worked for almost 20 years at a nursing home and read to groups of seniors every chance I had. I'm going to go on to read about your new Senior Friendly Libraries now. Thanks again!
At 2:20pm on August 31, 2007, Katherine Ralson said…
Hi Isabelle. Thanks for inviting me. I am just learning about Web 2.0 and I really like what I'm seeing on Ning. I don't really have a network yet. I just started my first blog.
At 2:13pm on August 29, 2007, Stephanie H. Wical said…
The horse doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the mother in law of my friend.

At 10:51am on August 29, 2007, Rosemary Tarenskeen said…
I have worked with seniors extensively beginning with a position at a local Senior Center. That experience helped me greatly when I began to work at a public library. Seniors are as varied as we all are. Most would benefit greatly by becoming more 'connected', especially if they are lonely because of being widowed or having old friends die. Yours is a worthwhile effort.
At 9:48pm on August 28, 2007, Pamela Herring said…
Since I haven't posted a profile yet, I assume my poochie caught your eye. ;-) I lived in Tampa for a while. Welcome to the profession and I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed being a biologist.
At 12:29pm on August 27, 2007, Ruth Vargas said…
Hi Isabelle. Thanks for the add. I'm very interested in everyone's ideas about "older adults" and Lib 2.0. We tend to concentrate on bringing the younger folks in with social networking, but the older adults of today are computer savvy, interested in keeping in contact with friends, family, and even their local library online, so they will be very receptive to new methods for doing this.


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