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At 3:46am on May 26, 2009, Mike McQueen said…
Hi James,
I'm a teacher librarian & recently started a community based blog for getting boys to read - http://GettingBoysToRead.com. Please send me a friend request if you'd like to network, share ideas, and learn more about getting boys to read.

Mike McQueen

LET'S NETWORK HERE TOO (request me as a friend):
My TWITTER Profile
At 11:33am on October 3, 2007, Julie Sayles said…
Hi James, When I get a chance, I'll send you a picture of Cloud's face! She has one blue eye and one cinnamon eye! Nice to meet you, Julie
At 5:55pm on July 26, 2007, Gail Lancaster said…
Hi James,
Thanks for joining the shop steward group. Do you have much experience with unions?
At 6:03pm on July 6, 2007, Gail Lancaster said…
Hi James,
It's a pleasure to join your circle of friends, thanks for the invitation. Nice cat, he looks very sweet, I have 4 cats myself.

My tech background is from the user end only although I have used and enjoyed Question Point aka AskNow. At the time I was involved with that end of reference we could not IM for the reasons you explain. I don't think it has been worked out yet.
At 3:37pm on June 19, 2007, Kevin Griffith said…

Thank you for the invitation.

So your cat's a tuxedo, is it? My cat is also black and white, but around here we call call them Holsteins. Y'all.

She's my first cat, and she's almost two years old. Please tell me that she's going to grow out of the squirrely stage she's been in for the past two years. They do mellow out, right? Oreo looks pretty calm. He's got that inscrutable zen look about him.
At 7:31pm on June 7, 2007, Sam Wallin said…
Hi James,
Boy, the similarity between your cat and that picture is pretty amazing - maybe your cat is moonlighting as a model...
I see you're at Whatcom - I got my BA from WWU back in 97, and it's definitely a place i would go back to for a long-term stretch, if the opportunity ever arose.
Plus! I was also at Online Northwest this year, and loved every session i went to. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, too!
At 10:30pm on April 4, 2007, Shawn Romine said…
Hello - Nice to meet you! Pleasure to add you to my friends network!
At 1:07am on April 2, 2007, Beverly Choltco-Devlin said…
Hi James, Are you the only librarian on the IM ref service?
At 6:26pm on April 1, 2007, Dan Holmes said…
Hi James - nice to meet you. Keep in touch with me; You have a better technology background than me so I would be interested to hear your views on Library 2.0 - seems like so much of this stuff to be a solution in search of a problem.
At 7:57pm on March 29, 2007, Jessica said…
Hi Oreo!
At 3:09pm on March 27, 2007, Martha said…
Hello James -

We just started an IM reference service last week, but we haven't really done any publicity yet. It seems there are several people on this site working on this, coincidentally. We are using Gaim, although I personally like Meebo better.

At 2:05pm on March 27, 2007, James said…
Hi, James (nice name!), you must be in the planning stages for implementing IM reference. We are hoping to start in late April (trial) then we'll do the big push (marketing) in Fall 2007 provided our trial is successful.
At 7:35pm on March 26, 2007, Martha said…
Hi - thanks for the add! Martha
At 6:39pm on March 26, 2007, James E Weaver said…
Oreo says "Hi - I am a tuxedo (almost perfect) and the alpha male of the house (of course, James thinks he is, but my cousin Sylvester and I know better). I am about four years old, smart as a whip, and act my looks. Sylvester also acts his looks - he is a long-hair tuxedo and an air-head."
At 6:31pm on March 26, 2007, Jessica said…
Please tell us about the cat! S/he's adorable!


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