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At 4:01am on May 26, 2009, Mike McQueen said…
Hi Jeff,
I'm a teacher librarian & recently started a community based blog for getting boys to read - Please send me a friend request if you'd like to network, share ideas, and learn more about getting boys to read.

Mike McQueen

LET'S NETWORK HERE TOO (request me as a friend):
My TWITTER Profile
At 12:48pm on May 29, 2007, Lorrie Ann Butler said…
"Think Locally, Act Locally", Gilmore Girls, How a Library Works - ah, great stuff! Thanks for the add. I look forward to watching your page.
At 9:03am on May 28, 2007, Joanna Aegard said…
Hi Jeff...thanks for the add...looking forward to keeping tabs on the nifty stuff you're doing!
Joanna :)
At 7:59am on May 26, 2007, Marcia Divack said…
Very impressive list of 2.0 stuff, my personal favorite is Splice Music.
At 12:43pm on May 18, 2007, Denise Mogge said…
some have problems with the concept of 'freedom of choice' - especially those that really want to control your choices! Not that libraries can provide everything available... but PTV & public libraries do suffer from an appalling lack of funding - especially since the golden age (for ptv at least) of the 70s.
At 12:30pm on May 18, 2007, Denise Mogge said…
Yes - kindered spirits indeed. PBS has that same warm fuzzy feeling that libraries seem to have. Which is very cool...
I have always appreciated the parallels btwn public television/radio & libraries. It has this intrinsic positive value associated with it that helps all these venues continue into the future (well that's my hope anyway!).
At 11:21am on May 17, 2007, Denise Mogge said…
Wow - not too far from Tucson!
At 11:13am on May 17, 2007, Dorothy Hughes said…
Buenos diás, Scott!
Thank you for adding me to your friends list. I'm enjoying reading about your implementation of 2.0, Twitter, etc. as I know Casa Grande is growing in population, right now.
(I still remember summers on the border and swamp coolers which have disappeared in the era of refrigerated air conditioning units!)
At 12:20am on May 17, 2007, Christine Pearson said…
Hi Jeff, Thanks for making a new member feel welcome. Your 2.0 list is making me jealous, and giving me ideas. Great job.
At 11:45pm on March 26, 2007, Martha said…
Hello- Regarding your IM question, we are using Gaim at the library, but I personally prefer and use Meebo. We/I have accounts in Yahoo, Google, AIM, Jabber and MSN. I'm not sure if I am answering your question correctly. If not, feel free to meebo me using the widget on my page when I'm online sometime.

At 10:58am on March 26, 2007, fernando_vilarinho said…
Hello Jeff! Thank's for the add!

Good blog.
At 9:48pm on March 25, 2007, Martha said…
Hi Jeff, Thanks for the add! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog and your library's Web site. Cheers, Martha
At 10:35am on March 21, 2007, Jeff Scott said…
Thanks for the comments. This group is inspiring me to push more of the library 2.0 concepts. I may be taking the plunge shortly in creating a myspace page for the library.

I would be glad to help you in any way I can, directorship, or otherwise :) Good luck.
At 8:20am on March 21, 2007, Jessica said…
Wow, Jeff, your library has many 2.0 things going on! I'd be happy to see us move over to, like, one of those things. Hopefully someday.

I'm applying for the director's position at my library - if I get it, I'd love to chat with you (cuz I am going to be in WAY over my head!) - you have some great ideas and ways to handle things!
At 1:31pm on March 13, 2007, Jeff Scott said…
Ya Ochoas is still here! It's till the restaurant people ask for when they stop into town. Do you remember Joddy McCuen? I love the heat too. It does two things for me, it clears out the town a bit, so its not as crowded, and I just prefer it hot. I am from California originally, so anything that reduces the crowd a bit is great for me.
At 9:23am on March 13, 2007, Kurt W. Wagner said…
Yeah I remember taking Fortran at CAC (punchcards) and looking up books on their primitive OPAC. I really enjoy the heat and the Gila River desert country is mighty fine. Nothing better than a feast at Ochoas too! My spouse, a Virginia native, is not as excited about the heat and scenery as I am!
At 6:44pm on March 12, 2007, Jeff Scott said…
Very cool, its a small world. Of course, I am from Southern California originally, but my wife is a native. She is one of the few here that are :) Make sure you visit when its not 110 degrees :) One of the librarians that work here is from Coolidge, but she was probably born in 1979. (Sorry, wasn't trying to make you feel old )
Very cool, thanks for the add too.
At 2:14pm on March 12, 2007, Kurt W. Wagner said…
Hi Jeff
Saw your pictures on the L2.0 site. Greetings. I'm a 1979 graduate of Coolidge High School. I went to CAC/Signal Peak for one year following HS prior to moving to Florida, NM, Colorado, AZ and now NJ. I love AZ dearly and get back every chance I get. --



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