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HathiTrust Digital Primary Sources

I'm new to Library 2.0, and in case no one has shared this already, U of Michigan provides a multitude of digital primary source material.


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Invitación a dictar una videoconferencia en el área de su dominio, durante el año 2018.


Estimados colegas y amigos de Iberoamérica:

Como parte del programa de educación continua en línea de ReVE-NIIF y …

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Caso de Estudio GVT: para conversión, preparación y presentación de Estados Financieros base NIIF PYMES, Contabilidad Financiera o Auditoría de Estados Financieros.

Caso de Estudio: Global Village Technologies, S.A. de C.V. -GVT.
Caso de Estudio GVT: para conversión, preparación y presentación de Estados Financieros base NIIF PYMES, Contabilidad Financiera o Auditoría de Estados Financieros.…

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Join us!

Global and Collaborative Project for High School Students and Teachers…


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Library Websites and Job Sites

Tame the Web by Michael Stephens

Hack Library School by Various Editors/Contributors

Sacramento Public Library 

Calopps Jobs

Metropolitan Library System…


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Taking the Leap: Maker Spaces in the LRC (Avanzando a Grandes Pasos: Los Espacios Maker en los CRA).

El Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje, LRC de la Academia Británica Cuscatleca, estará participando este día 20 de Octubre a la 5:00 pm (hora de El Salvador ) en el congreso Library 2.0 con el tema: Taking the Leap: Maker Spaces in the LRC (Avanzando a Grandes Pasos: Los Espacios Maker en los CRA). Los invitamos a sintonizarnos en…


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Emerging mobile e-reader technologies for school library services provision : junction, support and breadth in their adoption

The use of networked mobile gargets by students in Zimbabwean schools and other parts of the world is heavily disputed.    21St century is the era that has being  bombarded with technology that is envisaged as the most powerful means of communication where   Information can be obtained rapidly and instantaneously. Davis (2012) posits that mobile phone in Africa is now outpacking that of Latin America , making Africa the second-largest mobile –phone market in the world behind Asia…


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Role of Digital Libraries in Modern Education

This is my First Blog in Library 2.0. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

For the past two years I have been working on Several Products like Cloud Computing, Instance Messaging Products. i was passionate to develop product that can transform  Rural Education to next level in India..

There is vast difference in education style in Rural and Urban schools...

Urban Schools in India are very competitive in Technology, Science and Maths..They are very near to all…


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The era of being fast. Free Touch Typing resources for being on the TOP!


The Age of Speed. Touch Typing resources for typing in the speed of light!


 In the age of techonologies, it’s all about the speed. Do we like it? Oh, I guess we don't! But we most probably have to try to adjust it if we are planning to fit the needs and the requirements of society.

One small part of being fast is very topical in our everyday life. So topical that it is what I’m doing right now -…


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Stress; Burnout; Technostress and Libraries

Dear All,

        Last week, my laptop crashed, my laptop got a "blue screen of death". As marvelous as all our technology is, chronic malfunctions and crashes and the constant demand to keep up might account for the fact that at least one in four of us will admit to physically assaulting a device. Technology is changing so fast that when we are adopting one version of the software, the other version comes out.Technology is the way which extends humans ability. It is very difficult to…


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Our Library 2.0 Session takes place next Wednesday! Do join us!

El Poder de los Cuentos Digitales
 Wed, October 8, 4pm – 5pm

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‘Common sense’ can benefit from instruction

At the Spokane County Library District blog, librarian Aileen Luppert provides a much needed affirmation that “common sense” behaviors are very often learned. In her piece titled, “Don’t Be That Guy (in the Workplace),” she presents “common sense” advice for making and keeping a good impression on-the-job.

As a woman on the autism spectrum (and also a fledgling library…


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RENIA: Red de Estudio de las Normas Internacionales de Auditoría -Grupo Virtual Iberoamericano.

FIConta (Foro Iberoamericano de Contabilidad) invita a la comunidad contable Iberoamericana, especialmente a los interesados en la Auditoría de Estados Financieros y las Normas Internacionales de Auditoria -NIAs, a unirse a este Grupo de alcance Iberoamericano aglutinado…


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Kindle Unlimited: Librarians react

“Competing with Amazon on its own terms is not a good direction for libraries. But thinking about how to complement Amazon is worthwhile.” As related by Matt Enis for The Digital Shift, librarians like Jimmy Thomas, quoted above, reacted this week to Amazon’s launch of a subscription service for the Kindle: for $9.99 per month, subscribers will have unlimited access to…


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Netflix and libraries: Crucial differences

“The library is not a Netflix for books.” For, Kelly Jensen explains crucial differences between Netflix and libraries: the former being a for-profit company that bases its service upon the level of access paid for, while the latter provide equitable access and services to any and all of its patrons.

“The library is the center and the heart of community.

“Through shared resources,…


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Job: Systems Librarian at Washington, DC

Position:    Systems Librarian

Location:   Washington, DC  20001

Duration:   1 year with 2 additional option years



The candidate shall have experience with the following:


• Proven Systems Librarian experience with SQL database management, or on similar systems (including maintaining back-ups, running systems administration utilities, creating and modifying reports, and…


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digital libraries in india

now india became a digitalisation of libraries 

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