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‘Common sense’ can benefit from instruction

At the Spokane County Library District blog, librarian Aileen Luppert provides a much needed affirmation that “common sense” behaviors are very often learned. In her piece titled, “Don’t Be That Guy (in the Workplace),” she presents “common sense” advice for making and keeping a good impression on-the-job.

As a woman on the autism spectrum (and also a fledgling library…


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Kindle Unlimited: Librarians react

“Competing with Amazon on its own terms is not a good direction for libraries. But thinking about how to complement Amazon is worthwhile.” As related by Matt Enis for The Digital Shift, librarians like Jimmy Thomas, quoted above, reacted this week to Amazon’s launch of a subscription service for the Kindle: for $9.99 per month, subscribers will have unlimited access to…


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Netflix and libraries: Crucial differences

“The library is not a Netflix for books.” For, Kelly Jensen explains crucial differences between Netflix and libraries: the former being a for-profit company that bases its service upon the level of access paid for, while the latter provide equitable access and services to any and all of its patrons.

“The library is the center and the heart of community.

“Through shared resources,…


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Biblio Tech book-less library: Sign of things to come?

Is this a sign of things to come in public library service? Biblio Tech, a book-less public library opened this week in Bexar County, Texas.

According to Bill Chappell, writing for the New Hampshire News, the Bexar…


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Books in dumpster distract from greater issue

Talk about a buried lead: A proposal to change education requirements and eliminate specialization of staff at Fairfax County Public Library in northern Virginia receives only a brief mention by NBC reporter Jackie Benson in a video report from a meeting…


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Copyright treaty expands print accessibility

The amount of materials available to people with print disabilities is expected to substantially increase, with the adoption of a treaty on Thursday among member states in the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) welcomed the …


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Summer course begins with student biography

LIBT 213, Advanced Internet Searching, officially begins on Monday. The first assignment: compose a biography.

My life has changed in numerous ways since composing the biography for my first course toward certification and an Associate’s degree in Library and Information Technology.

I took DIST 101 in Fall 2010, 15 years after earning a Bachelor’s degree in English from Sonoma State University.



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‘Without a Net’: Digital divide explained

Jessamyn C. West explores the facets of computer use and Internet accessibility in her book, Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide (Libraries Unlimited, 2010).

The digital divide, according to West, is about:

“Some people lacking skills that other people consider basic, starter or remedial, and not having a peer group or an educational system that can teach you. It’s also about people assuming, ‘Oh,…

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People with print disabilities: Petition supports global access

The American Library Association (ALA) urges members to sign a petition  asking the Obama administration to help ensure a global right to read for people with print disabilities.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is set to meet next week in Morocco. In recent email…


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Volunteering at SOU’s Hannon Library

I volunteered for an hour on Friday in the government publications department at Southern Oregon University’s Hannon Library. Volunteering at an academic library is an invaluable opportunity, sure to broaden my experience.

Hannon Library is enrolled in the Federal Depository Library Program of the U.S. Government Printing Office. Hannon’s federal publications collection is available…


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Librarian cosplay: Civilian hire in Starfleet sciences

I used T-shirt fabric to create a pin-on back for my Star Trek: The Original Series sciences emblem. Attached here to a tunic, the wearer becomes a civilian hire in the sciences -- library sciences that is.

My cosplay persona is a Starfleet librarian -- but not aboard…


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‘Diversity in Youth Literature,’ released by ALA

Diversity in Youth Literature: Opening Doors Through Reading, edited by Jamie Campbell Naidoo and Sarah Park Dahlen, has been added to my wish list for professional investment.

Newly released…


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Big Library Read: Michael Malone’s The Four Corners of the Sky

More than 7,500 participating libraries have partnered with OverDrive to allow patrons to simultaneously read Michael Malone’sThe Four Corners of the Sky (Sourcebooks, 2010).

The eBook can be accessed in OverDrive Read, Kindle and EPUB formats through participating partner libraries.

During the Big Library Read pilot program, May 15…


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Nancy Dowd analyzes libraries’ social media success

For Library Journal, Nancy Dowd writes an informative piece about libraries’ use of social media.

The successful library, according to Dowd, sets goals and creates strategies to communicate its brand, connect to services and drive people to the library and its website. The strategies include mechanisms to measure…


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‘Captive portals’ for filter-free Internet

To filter or otherwise when allowing access to the Internet on library-owned computers?

During an assignment last semester for my Internet ethics class, I suggested ID barcode “flagging” that would require booking a juvenile whose parents had requested it only at those computers with filtered access to the…


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Oregon reps get Storify transcript of Butte County library ‘likes’

My elected representatives in Oregon (or at least the administrators of their Twitter accounts) now know what I like about libraries, using the library system in Butte County, Calif. as an example.

I curated the list in response to a question posed on social…


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Virtual Library Legislative Day: Call, email or tweet

For library advocates who are unable to travel to Washington, D.C. United for Libraries is hosting “Virtual Library Legislative Day.” Library supporters can call or email their elected officials on May 8 or any time during the week of May 6 to 10. Supporters can also send a message through Twitter to advocate libraries’ role in teen education.

Crossposted from …


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California library images inspire knitted cap in Berlin

At Yarn Bombing @ Your Library, Honorio Penadés shares the link to a fascinating read by Calimaq Silex about the use of public domain images in serendipitous, artistic ways that bridge a global community: “By the grace of digital, so…


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