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This week by the numbers

I like to keep track of numbers for some reason. So, as of today the Library 2.0 In 15 Minutes A Day wiki start page has been visited 8,613 times. Granted, 8,000 of those times are probably me editing, but still! Also, as of today the site has been tagged by users 136 times. I like to go into that list and see what other items are being tagged by the people who've tagged the wiki - it's helped me discover quite… Continue

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Where the wiki is now

Okay, so the wiki is looking better and better. I've given each tutorial it's own page and added consistent navigation elements for all the pages. Of course, without CSS, I'll have to edit every page if i want to add a new category, but whatever. I'll hold off on that for as long as i can. I think I've covered the main areas, and profiled the main representative sites. I still find new things all the time, but I'll add them to their main categories first, and monitor them to see how popular… Continue

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Library 2.0 wiki

Well, the wiki is still a work in progress, but today I feel like it's reached a workable level. I think i have my format down a little bit better, though for some programs i still feel compelled to do a lot of written 'handholding.' Some programs, i think, are still working out their own kinks, and so figuring out what to do to make them work isn't always intuitive.

For the most part, about 75% of tutorials are in a good spot, and the rest are falling in line. Every day now I hear… Continue

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First impressions

I'm very excited to be here. I still haven't been able to go around getting a lot of friends yet, but I'll work on that. Today the connection has been very slow, so I wonder if the site is having a lot more traffic now that it's showed up in a couple of posts at the Shifted Librarian.

I don't know how much blogging I'll do here - I already keep our department's internal blog, a blog associated with the Library 2.0 wiki project (that's the one on my profile), and a less official blog,… Continue

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