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Happy new years dear librarians!

Dear friends
I hope that this year 2008 was successful for yours. My librarian year was beautiful. I worked in National Library in Czech Republic since June to August.

I wish you dear librarians:

Smiley and content users
Many creative children readers
Much money for our library
The books for all the people
Nice and creative work

I wish you a happy new year!!! (better like a year 2008)
Šťastný nový rok! (slovak translate)

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George Orwell (1903-1950)

“Books are for man it that for birds is wings.” (A.S.Puskin) I like reading and books. My favorite authors are Karel Capek, Erich Maria Remarque, and F.M.Dostojevskij etc. I am a student of library and information science. We are young librarians and we have literature. I “had to” read an interesting book, 1984 from George Orwell. Who was George Orwell?

George Orwell was British writer. He was born in 25th June 1903. His born town was Monthihari. Father of George Orwell worked… Continue

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King of Danube

I like my country. I am from Slovakia and history of my country is beautiful. I love tails about devils, fairies, knights and about eagle. The symbol of Slovakia is an eagle. Why eagle? Don’t you know? I know.

Bratislava has beautiful tails and I tell you a tail about eagle of Danube. Inhabitants at Bratislava were clever and stupid. They had a many artisans.1The best artisans in river (Danube) were fishermen.

One fisherman was clever. He was not only a… Continue

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Short history about The New York Times

Do you like newspaper? I think that newspaper is an important invention for mankind. We read new articles about all. By my opinion each newspaper has many interesting information. The greatest newspaper in USA is The New York Times. What is history of The New York…


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Bratislava's eagle

Bratislava is a capital of Slovakia. In the city are many historical monuments. I was at Bratislava in 16th of December 2005. I tell you a tail about Bratislava’s eagle.

The capitol of Slovakia had in 13th century big problem, Tatars. People at Bratislava were unhappy. Tatars destroyed country and their army were near Bratislava. Tatars had brutal and sadistic…


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Where is Eldorado?

Do you hear about a legend of Eldorado? Eldorado is a place where people can find gold. If you want to be a rich you must find place Eldorado. Every name has a history or

symbol. What is correct? Eldorado, or El Dorado? Eldorado is a place

and El Dorado was

a man. Man from gold. I tell you a legend about a man from gold.…


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