Funniest library related movies made using Xtranormal

Xtranormal has the tag line "If you can type, you can make movies" and it's really that simple! Just select a background, select 1 or 2 characters, type in dialogue, select a couple of camera angle and special animations using point and click and you get a  cartoon animated movie with no programming required. It's mostly free and quite flexible and you get a passably good quality movie, though you have to pay if you want additional scenes or characters that are not given by default.

It's not exactly a new service and. libraries have also being very quick to use this to use this to create movies for their own use.

A quick search shows that there are easily over 200 of such videos. As you might expect they have being used for various purposes from orientation videos to "how-to" videos to information literacy to introduction of new services etc.

Most of these are pretty standard, what I will showcase below are some of the most entertaining library related ones... Be warned not all are complimentary towards librarians.

Library School: Hurts So Good

Want to be a librarian? This funny video tells you why you shouldn't!

My Rules for Using Law Library Reference

A frank (too frank) law librarian lays down the law. Rule #1 & #4  are my favorites.

Librarian Strangelove.....or how i learnt to love the patron and not worry about

Ever had to serve a difficult user? This one takes the cake!

How do I print?

Teaching patrons how to print is a common experience that most librarians share. This is a pretty funny, but quite realistic look at how frustrating it can be for both librarians and users.

Neither a borrower, nor a table be lists true life stories of encounters with customers who make crazy demands. The above movie has dialog that is drawn from the website with regards to a library user. Others in the series include Why everything takes so long, Just because I'm paranoid, that doesn't mean they aren't out to get me and A subtle yet meaningful difference .

Typical Reference Interview

This librarian is eager to serve but.... Similar is "Important Question"

The Librarian

Another difficult client...An arrogant librarian....

Honorary mention  Library: Humor , What Not to say in a library interview , The Death of Dewey Decimal

Have you created any movies using Xtranormal? What was your experience? Any entertaining library related movie created using Xtranormal that I missed? 

BTW I have this idea of spoofing the old "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" type ad, except replace Mac with Google/Google scholar/Amazon and PC with library catalogue but don't have the creative chops to do it , but it does seem easy to do with Xtranormal.......

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