Stress; Burnout; Technostress and Libraries

Dear All,

        Last week, my laptop crashed, my laptop got a "blue screen of death". As marvelous as all our technology is, chronic malfunctions and crashes and the constant demand to keep up might account for the fact that at least one in four of us will admit to physically assaulting a device. Technology is changing so fast that when we are adopting one version of the software, the other version comes out.Technology is the way which extends humans ability. It is very difficult to obtain a precise definition of technology. It is generally accepted that "technology" is more than just a collection of physical products of science. "Technology" is the link between society and its tools. The creation of computer software and hardware, telecommunications, databases, and the Internet has affected society as a whole, and particularly higher education by giving people new productivity options and changing the way we work.

A mental snowball occurs whenever we allow negative thoughts to build up and race out of control. Its our mental equivalent of our tires being stuck in the mud.The more we spin the brain, the deeper we are stuck. Although mental pressure at work happens mostly to me but I lower my stress with shopping, music , traveling and so on...

Oh ..! it was technostress...! I define technostress in two terminologies:



What causes Stress by Technology in libraries

  • The Rate of Change of the Technology
  • The Lack of Standardization
  • The Lack of Training Individuals on the Equipment
  • The Reliability of the Technology
  • The Increased Workload Placed on Each Individual
  • The Changing role of Librarians

Ways to Conquer the beast:

1. Manage your energy not your time. We are not running in a marathons everyday yet we try to do the equivalent at our work.

2. Take few minutes relaxation break.

3. Walk outside, take deep breath.

4. Program your computer to clear your temporary files of ur computer device at every 30 days.

5. Keep the status of your gmail or facebook in "Busy" or "Invisible" mode.

6. Turn of rings, pings, dings anything that sings.

7. Work with your team to determine the important and urgent from the unimportant issues.

8. At the end of the day, shut the door of your office, turn-off your computer. Reset yourself and be ready for the new day.

Felt like sharing it with you all... Do you have any experience with technologies ... do share..

warm regards,

Ajit P.

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