Congrats to Steve Hargadon for taking on the administrative role. Perhaps we can have a discussion on what to do to make things active once again.

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Comment by Gary Green on March 1, 2010 at 6:06am
Really pleased to see the site is continuing. Thanks to Steve for taking it over.

My feeling is that network sites in general like this are great for hosting/aggregating subject specific information and providing the facility to discuss issues around the subject. If you just let the information float around the internet in isolation and don't have a place to aggregate it, it once again gets lost.

It would be good if we could use this site as a place to hold links to Library2.0 articles/sites. I know we can add links to blogs, discussion forums, etc. here, but it would be good to have a list in a single place, with a description of why the link is useful and make it searchable. I might have a go at scraping links from the site as a starting point. Or has someone else already done this? Can this ning network be developed to include a links page? Maybe a follow up to the links would be to create a custom search (Rollyo/Google?) of this site and links mentioned in it? What do you think?
Comment by Susan Berd on February 25, 2010 at 9:25am
I will try again to visit this page and participate! I had given up several months ago (although I did Aaron Tay's blog to my Google Reader as he seemed to be posting on the topic regularly).


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