Presenter and Moderator Room Links

This page is ONLY for presenters and volunteer moderators, as the links below are the moderator links for the conference session rooms. Please do not share or link to this page.

If you have friends or colleagues that want to attend your session or any session, please have them register to get the appropriate links for attendees (it is free).

If you want to join other sessions in the conference, you should register as well so that you can join another session or sessions without being promoted to presenter/moderator status.

The Volunteer Lounge

The volunteer lounge is the Blackboard Collaborate room which will be open during the whole conference, where volunteers will report to get assignments for sessions, and where presenters can visit to get any help that they need at any time during the conference. The conference lounge is entered by clicking

We recommend that volunteer moderators keep both the volunteer lounge room and any room in which they are moderating open at the same time.

Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to locate your session.
[Will be posted the week before the conference.]

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