About & Welcome!

Library 2.0 was started in 2007 by Bill Drew as one of the first modern social networks for librarians and educators. He passed the torch to Steve Hargadon in 2010 with an amazing 4,500 members, and Steve brought it into his Learning Revolution family of educational networks and online events.

In the fall of 2011 Steve and Library 2.0 started a partnership with Dr. Sandra Hirsh and (what is now) the The School of Information at San José State University to hold large-scale, free, online conference events for the library community at large, branded with the year and playing on the 2.0 theme--the first one being "Library 2.011." This successful partnership has continued to this day, transitioning from one annual two-day event to the current format of three three-hour online (and still free) topic-specific mini-conferences a year, each of which typically draws over 5,000 registrations by itself. Along with the TeacherLibrarian.org network and past event registrants, Library 2.0 now reaches a total audience of over 60,000 from 175 countries.

In late 2018, Steve also started a separate Library 2.0 paid Webinar series, largely focused on the work of Dr. Steve Albrecht. Dr. Albrecht later began a regular blog and podcast for Library 2.0, and the "Service, Safety, and Security" section of Library 2.0 was born.

When you join our network, please note that we have to approve all members to avoid spammers, and that can take up to a day. We're so glad you found our community!