ChatGPT+AI Registrant Info

This page is for those who have registered for the Library 2.0 "ChatGPT + AI 2024 Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians." 

If you are not registered, and would like to register, please click HERE.

 If you have registered for this event and cannot find your confirmation email, please click here
[Please note that this event is not included in the Safe Library All-Access Pass.]


Thank you for registering for the Library 2.0's "ChatGPT + AI 2024 Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians.

If you have paid for someone else to attend, email us their name and email address now. Please remember that if you purchased the individual license and want to show the sessions to others, you will need to email about group licensing options. 


The live-streaming of the event will be on the Fridays May 31, June 7, and June 14, 2024, from 2:00 - 3:00 pm US-Eastern Time. You are not required to attend the live sessions, and you will immediately have access to the recordings when they are available. Please bookmark and refer to this page. The sessions are being held using the Zoom platform.

If you are an individual or group registrant, you will receive an email confirmation with your Zoom link the week of the first session.

Please be sure you have received the basic order confirmation email after you placed your order so that you know you are getting emails from us. This email comes from with the subject line: CONFIRMATION & LINKS - Library 2.0's "ChatGPT + AI 2024 Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians."

If you did not receive the email, please check your spam or quarantine folder (some institutions are filtering out anything with "ChatGPT" in the text). If you still cannot find your confirmation, please email to let us know--be sure to include the email address used for payment, or if you are part of a group, what group you are in.

If you are an institutional registrant, you may have received an individual confirmation email, or you may be getting your attendance information from your institutional coordinator. Please contact them to find out. If you are the institutional main contact, please read the special section below.



The recording of each session will be available within one business day of each live session, accessible directly in the Library 2.0 network on the special page for this event series:

Please note that you have to be a member of Library 2.0 in order both to see that page and for us to associate the recording license and the above page with your account, which is based on your Library 2.0 email addressIf you have not joined yet (free), please do so now so your access will be automatic. If you are joining after the recording is available, or if the email address you used to pay is different than your Library 2.0 email address, then email so we can establish your recording access. 

If you get a request to pay for the webinar again when you go to this page, we haven't associated your account with the recording license. Don't pay that way, and please contact us at


If you are part of an institutional group license, please check with your main contact for this event to find out how you will have access to the recordings.
If you are the purchaser of an institutional license, please make sure that you have connected with us at so that we know whether you are doing individual staff recording access at Learning Revolution, a single staff log-on at the same, and/or hosting at Niche Academy.


FOR A CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION: Please click here once you have watched the bootcamp sessions.


A forum discussion area for participants is available here:


A bootcamp continual feedback form is HERE. You can fill it out before and after each session (or at any time) letting us know what you are specifically wanting to learn, what you found helpful in a particular session, what you didn't find helpful or didn't understand, and anything else you want us to know!


Thank you for purchasing an institutional license for the Library 2.0 ChatGPT + AI 2024 Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians. This license gives any member of your staff or organization, up to your license limit, the ability to attend the live sessions and unlimited access to viewing the event recordings.


We've been getting many reports of confirmation emails getting caught in spam/quarantine filters, possibly because of the phrase "ChatGPT." Please ask your staff to check their spam/quarantine folders if they don't see a confirmation email from us that we have sent.


For your institutional staff to watch the sessions live, you need to either:

  1. Send us the emails of all staff who want to attend, and we will send individual confirmations by email to them with their Zoom link.
  2. Forward to your staff the confirmation email with the Zoom link that you have received. You must be careful to only send this to your staff, and tell them not to forward outside of your organization.

You have three different ways that we can make the recordings available for your organization. Please make sure you have communicated with us which of the following you are doing.

  1. If you would like us to send individual confirmation emails to your staff giving information on watching the recordings at Library 2.0, please send a list or spreadsheet of the email addresses of your staff. They will be invited to create an account on Library 2.0, and we will then associate your license for this event to their individual accounts.
  2. If you would prefer to have access to the event recordings at Library 2.0 through a single staff log-on, please create that login as a new account on Library 2.0 (or use an existing one), then send us the username and email address for the login. We will associate the recording license with that account, which can be distributed and used by your staff to log in when they want to view the recording. Multiple people can be logged into Library 2.0 using the account at the same time.
  3. If you use Niche Academy, when the recording is processed and posted to Niche (usually within one day of the session), you can request the session recording be placed into your Niche Academy. You are also welcome to combine your Niche Academy access to the event with either #1 or #2 above for Library 2.0 access.


Please email