• Hey everyone,

    Wonder what raw materials these generative essays are being collaged from? This WaPo article was mentioned in the chat, and talks about the corpus used for Google's C4, which the author mentions is about 1/40th the size of the dataset used to feed ChatGPT 3. Thanks for sharing this Peter B., I wanted to make sure people watching later don't miss it!

    Inside the secret list of websites that make AI like ChatGPT sound smart
    An analysis of a chatbot data set by The Washington Post reveals the proprietary, personal, and often offensive websites that go into an AI’s trainin…
  • Has anyone created a LibGuide for ChatGPT or AI more generally? If so, I hope you will share it. Here is a link to one that I have been working on with a colleague: I would welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Thanks!

    Guides: Artificial Intelligence Tools for Research and Writing: Home
    A collection of AI-related writing and research tools and bots
    • Hi, Brian. I did a Google search and came up with several LibGuides. Thanks for linking to yours. 

      • Hi Steve,

        Do you have a list of the LibGuides you found?  



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