Library 2.017 "Expertise, Competencies and Careers" Recordings

Recording links for the 2017 Expertise, Competencies and Careers mini-conference will work immediately following the conference.  

Each session will have three recording versions:

  1. The full Blackboard Collaborate version (requires Java, lets you see the chat conversation, and lets you download chat and slides / whiteboard by using file > save menu);
  2. An MP3 audio version;
  3. An MP4 video version.

NOTE: if more than one recording shows up, the presenter made a mistake or there was some problem. Typically, the most recent recording in that case will be the correct one.

If you want to watch the video versions, you may find it easier to just use the YouTube channel at These are uploaded to YouTube the week after the event.

Please use #library2017 on any social media posts about the conference, and do encourage other to join the Library 2.0 network to receive information on future events.


Jiselle Alleyne - Campus Librarian/Assistant Professor RECORDING Growing Library Leaders: A Competency based approach to Leadership Development in Caribbean Academic Libraries.
Laura Birkenhauer, Academic Resident Librarian RECORDING The Library Residency: Gaining Expertise, Crafting Competencies and Launching Careers
Pamela Buzzard, Librarian RECORDING Get up to speed with health librarianship. Stat!
Margaret Caspe, Director of Research and Professional Learning RECORDING Beyond Collections: Building Librarians' Competencies to Engage Families
Lisa Chow, ALA Emerging Leader and Library Journal Mover & Shaker RECORDING Librarians in the 21st Century: Designing a Career Strategy for Evolving Roles and Opportunities
Devina Dandar, MLIS Candidate RECORDING Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Bridging the Skills Gap between New Graduate and Professional
Dr. Melissa Fraser-Arnott RECORDING Competencies for Information Specialists
Raymond Pun, First Year Student Success Librarian RECORDING Librarians and Information Professionals in the 21st Century: Strategies for Transitioning and Transferring to Other Settings
PJ Purchase, University Librarian RECORDING Find Your Next Job Right Where You Are
David Shumaker, Clinical Associate Professor RECORDING SLA's Statement on Competencies for Information Professionals
David Stern, Library Director RECORDING Elements of effective leadership
Virginia M. Tucker, Assistant Professor RECORDING Understanding expertise and competencies through the lens of threshold concepts