Designing Conference Posters (Tips and Advice)

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Designing Conference Posters

In a previous life, Colin Purrington taught evolutionary biology at Hudson University for fourteen years. Today, he engages in a wide range of pursuits, including offering high-quality tips on designing conference posters. He bills his suggestions as "gratuitous advice on how to prepare posters for scientific meetings, research conferences, and similar gathering of nerds." His humorous tone belies a distinct commitment to this area of visual representation, and his suggestions are contained with three areas: "What sections to include", "Dos and DON'Ts", and "Presenting your poster". Visitors can skip around to any of these suggestions, and they will find Purrington's style both down-to-earth and practical. The information here includes sample posters and basic suggestions about what information to include on such a poster. One area not to miss is "Making sure your poster doesn't suck", which recommends that potential poster-presenters have their friends look at their work when they aren't present and stick post-it notes with suggestions on said poster. Overall, this is a great site, and one that's worth sharing with friends and colleagues. [KMG]


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