Hello all,I'm working to help elementary librarians use online resources for science, and help bring those resources to the teachers in their schools. I'm trying to find out the best ways to bring some of this content to librarians, and figure out how these online resources might fit into their regular workday. From what I understand, the amount of teacher/librarian collaboration greatly depends on the culture of the particular school -- and it seems that this collaboration would be very important in order for a librarian to know -- for example -- what science unit was being covered in a classroom so that they could recommend a particular website or online game that would be relevant for that unit. I'm not sure how librarians would, practically, bring all these valuable online resources for science to teachers in their school.Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Feel free to contact me directly too, at stephaniechasteen@yahoo.com. This is a project that I'm working on with the National Science Digital Library (NSDL.org).Thanks in advance for any help or advice,Stephanie

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