Early / Pre - Migration Issues

I thought I'd start the ball rolling...There are a couple of issues which may I thought may be worth mentioning; firstly the actual migration process in terms of a project plan etc, and some of the more specific technical issues, which unless you are pretty insistent on (or have a SD VP from the States visiting) will be deemed as billable additions.With regards the actual project plan I'm wondering if anyone has actually drawn up a specification outling what you want from Symphony, or was it simply a case of agreeing to the price and migrating?Secondly, technical issues...particular reference to Bimport, or this may be applicable to data specific operations; has anyone managed to establish how this may be done without SD 'unlocking' the API...i.e. converting the Horizon patron data in txt format and converting it to 'flat' ASCII?With this in mind I thought actually drawing a complete list of pre-migration requirements may be useful to those who are looking at Symphony, in-between bouts of uncontrollable sobbing no doubt...Oh, the next release (3.3) definitely seems to be looking at culling some of the better elements from Horizon, from what I've seen this week...and the next version of Enterprise will be non SAAS...which, given the SAAS fees, is good news.

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