Moving Forward...ish, sort of....

Having moved a step closer to Symphony, there are a couple of issues which I thought would be worth raising. Firstly, the installation of the software on a server using VMware. Be prepared for some interesting 'sweeteners' over this. It may actually be worthwhile further persuing what quanitifies a 'peformance issue'..more so if you're opting for an unlimited licence model.Data migration; mentioned earlier, however for current UK FE libraries who use a Unit-e export to upload borrower records via Bimport, it would appear that you'll need to pay either SD or Capita for a solution; in the absence of someone who can manipulate the data in house. SD quite frankly won't touch it without a consultancy charge been mentioned!Elsewhere we didn't find the proposed training schedule of much use; it's a veritable pot porri of Webex demos, with little in the way of onsite training, unless you're prepared to pay for it. However, actually collating all of the relevant Symphony training guides, together with the Webex software actually provides you with a fairly robut training package to augement the on site training. I actually did this myself, as we had to evaulate what we'd oppossed to being sold what we didn't want. So far it's looking like:2 days cataloguing.2 days acquisitions (including EDI)A half day on reportsWith regards API I don't know if anyone caught the recent Library 2.0 podcast, but Talin Bingham hinted at a user interface on the API...which seems like good news. Hopefully they'll get round to supporting it too.Any thoughts (bar "why in God's name are you leaving good olde Horizon!" would be greatly appreciated...Cheers,G

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