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Frightening to say the least!Firstly, confusion reigns supreme with regards what we were told we were getting and what SD are offering. Confrimaton that bulk bibliographic changes at item level can not be undertaken without the much touted API has been confirmed. There's also the the somewhat thorny issue of a test server. SD are adamant that no test server was mentioned in the orginal brief and support for one will be an additional cost. Heres the tricky part; the production server, prior to becoming the live server is out of action in the pre-go live stage for some two weeks whilst the final configurations are undertaken!Enterprise, at this stage is a big disappointment. e-library with a fuzzy logic search interface is hardly Next Gen. Mind you the fact that the initial quote was sans enrichment hardly installs much confidence. It's nowehere near as good as what Dave Patten has done with the HIP. My preference was a Horizon - AquaBrowser option over the next 4 years. Given what you can expect to pay for the Enterprsie SAAS option, it's worthwhile assessing what sort of price you'll get from the AquaBrowser reps.If PTS are looking to make any inroads with the UK market now is the time. I'll say it now, offer either of the OS systems free to one customer (preferably a University/ College) and the flood gates will open.

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