Having looked at the Enterprise (which is e-library with a fuzzy log blot on), it would appear that the SAAS option is slighty fuzzier than the logic appled for search criteria. In short, there is no need for this to a SASS option in the first place; indeed Enterprise 3 is being offered as a self hosting option. The enrichment is billed extra; so you have SAAS fees, plus enrichment fees. By my reckoning AquaBrowser would be a far more economical model over the same time frame. Give Dave Patten a call at Huddersfield Uni and it could work out even cheaper! Enterprise needs a lot of work to bring it anywhere near what the current market is offering IMO.The Cresendo support package remains unquanitiifed in terms of what SD are willing to do with regards the offer of a data clean up etc. I've created export parameters and have exported our records by location with a view to doing some overlay work with MarcEdit prior to passing them to SD; however it looks like they will use a single a batch script which used several .exes' to export all of the data as a single location. This means I'll need to do the overlays, then import them back prior to SD doing the final export.Test server? Make sure you budget for one. No ifs, no buts. Virtualisation is a wonderful concept after you've established what quantifies a service issue with an unlimied access model.The importance of a pre-migration clean up shouldn't be overlooked; we've manage to reduce holdings by circa 18%. Most of it done without SQL; the Library staff manually applying edits from stock I've identified from inventories. SQL has been used for new Bstats etc. Make sure your old borrower data isn't lingering. I use a reverse Bimport for end of academic year deletions however previously these were done using the 'x-del' SQL statement which 'hides' the records until you actually run the second script to delete them.I would strongly advise formatting a project plan 12 months before even commiting to have a sales rep tell you this is the future of LMS. Make sure you've seen the product in action at least three times.

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